Eat & Drink

Culinary offer from Marveld Recreatie

Marveld Recreatie offers its guests numerous culinary options every day. Fancy pasta or pizza? Or a delicious sweet or savory pancake? The Marveld chefs turn every dish into a treat. That really fits holiday!

Various dining options at Marveld Recreatie:

  • Italian restaurant Mama Mia
  • Pancake restaurant ‘t Bakhoes
  • Grill restaurant Grill’n & BBQ’n
  • Chef’s Plate a la carte restaurant
  • Pico Bello ice cream parlor
  • Snack bar

Breakfast buffet at Marveld Recreatie

Breakfast has of course also been thought of. As a guest of our hotel or our campsite in Gelderland...

Restaurants from Marveld Recreatie

Marveld Recreatie offers something for everyone in the culinary field, from a tasty snack to a dinner for true...

Italian ice cream parlor Pico Bello at Marveld Recreatie

Nobody should miss a delicious ice cream at our Italian ice cream parlor Pico Bello.

Snack bar at Marveld Recreatie

Don't feel like cooking extensively in the evening? Or quench the appetite with a quick bite? For convenience and...

Culinary arrangements at Marveld Recreatie

At Marveld Recreatie you can also book an "Eating out arrangement" or "Breakfast buffet arrangement" when booking your holiday....

Marveld’s Pizza delivery service

Fancy a delicious pizza from our pizzeria Mama Mia, but would you rather stay on your own spot at...

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