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Vilkår og betingelser

Udlejning af gokarts/scootere/biler

ARTIKEL 1: Lejesum

The rent is determined on the basis of the rates applicable at the time of entering into the lease with the lessor, as stated in his business premises or available for inspection.

ARTIKEL 2: Betaling

A. The rental sum as well as all other amounts due under the rental agreement as included in the (settlement) account must be paid in cash to the landlords’ address, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
B. If payments are not made in cash, the lessor is entitled to increase the amounts due with an interest of 1% per month, which increase is regarded as a condition under which the tenant has been granted a deferment of payment, without thereby impeding the tenant’s obligation to cash payment will be canceled. This increase takes effect 1 month after the invoice date, while the lessor is also entitled if the lessee also fails to increase the amount due with collection, court and other collection costs, including the costs of the counsel and the costs actually incurred. specify extrajudicial costs.
C. The deposit stated in the contract serves to pay all that the tenant owes the landlord under the lease without prejudice to the tenant’s obligation to pay any amount remaining after settlement with the deposit in cash and without prejudice to the right of the tenant. lessor up to full compensation.
D. If the tenant is unable to use the rented property for any reason or circumstance, the landlord will not be liable for the resulting damage and costs.
E. In the case referred to in the previous paragraph, the tenant remains obliged to pay the full rent and any other amounts stated in the (settlement) account, unless it demonstrates that the rented property cannot be used for the rented property. was the result of a defect that was already present at the start of the rental period.

ARTIKEL 3: Lejeperiode

A. The rental period is the period between the times of commencement and delivery as stated in the contract.
B. The rental period can only be extended after permission from the lessor and at the (extension) rates as referred to in Article 1.
C. Interim return of the leased property causes the lease agreement to end without the right to a reduction in the rental amount stated in the contract or increased due to an extension.
D. The rented property must be returned to the landlord’s address at the latest at the time stated in the contract.
E. If the original or extended rental period is exceeded by more than 15 minutes because the rented property is not delivered to the landlord’s address on time, the rent continues until the time that the rented property is returned or is received by the landlord , at the rates referred to in Article 1, plus a fine of 12.00 for each day that the rented property is returned or received late and without prejudice to any costs and damage suffered by the lessor.
F. Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, the lessor has the right in that case to declare the lease terminated without legal intervention and to claim the return of the rented property immediately or to take it back wherever and with whom it is located. The landlord also has this authority if the tenant does not comply with any condition of the lease.

ARTIKEL 4: Anvendelse

A. The rented property may only be used for its normal purpose and by the driver (s) specified in the rental contract. He / she must be returned to the landlord’s address in a clean state in the state in which he / she was received.
B. The tenant must take good care of the rented property. For example, he (she) must take all precautionary measures against damage, loss or theft.
C. The rented property may in any case not be used in the dunes and on the beach, if no paved paths and / or roads are used.

ARTIKEL 5: Skade, tab og tyveri

The tenant is liable for damage to or loss or theft of the rented property or parts thereof, as well as bicycle keys and chain (s) / locks, against amounts determined by the lessor to normal standards, unless stated in the lease below the current value. The rented property is not insured against liability / hull damage.

ARTIKEL 6: omkostninger i lejeperioden

All charges and taxes relating to the use of the rented property are for the account of the tenant. Similarly, all costs are associated with the use thereof, such as storage, maintenance and repairs.

Forklaring lejedatakontrakt

Lejer har lejet hos angivet udlejer og modtaget cykel/gokart etc. i god stand plus tilbehør med tilhørende stelnummer(er), hvis monteret, samt lejeperiode, leje (og depositum).

Ovenstående vilkår og betingelser gælder for kontrakten. Særligt § 5: “Lejer er ansvarlig for skade på eller bortkomst eller tyveri af det lejede eller dele heraf, samt cykelnøgler og kæde(r)/låse, mod beløb fastsat af udlejer efter sædvanlig standard, medmindre der i lejekontrakten er angivet under dagsværdi. Det lejede er ikke ansvars-/kaskoforsikret. “