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Virksomhedens sociale ansvar

In recent years, attention to CSR, the environment and sustainability in business has increased. More and more companies have received a quality mark in the form of, for example, a Green Key.

Green Key Gold

We are proud of the fact that we have been in possession of the Golden Green Key for many years. With this we meet the highest requirements of the quality mark and we belong to the top of the approved companies in the Netherlands. With this Golden Green Key we want to show you as our guest that sustainable business practices play a central role within our organization.

What do we do in the field of CSR sustainability and environment, among other things?

Energy and Water

Food and drink

Waste separation and cleaning

Sustainable purchasing policy
Within Marveld recreation we strive for a sustainable purchasing policy which also stimulates the market to a more innovative and sustainable approach to purchasing. In the choices regarding purchasing products we take into account the effect on mankind and the environment.

CSR consists of three pillars People, Planet and Profit

People, society
All efforts that can contribute to society. Not only charities contribute to CSR, but also the improvement of well-being of people inside and outside our company.

Planet, the world around us
Prevent waste, improve the environment, and reduce CO2 emissions. Sustainable procurement policy.

Profit, therefore profit
It is clear and demonstrable that CSR makes money.