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Groups on request

If the reservation concerns a number of persons who together must or can be regarded as a group, the person making the reservation is obliged to make this known immediately and explicitly. The person making the reservation is jointly and severally liable for the fulfilment of all obligations, not only for himself but also for all registered members who are part of his group. Groups may stay at MARVELD RECREATIE BV to a limited extent. The choice of location of the bungalows and camping pitches is limited. Groups are required to pay a deposit for the rented property (amount to be determined by mutual agreement) per group upon arrival at the reception.


Unaccompanied youth are not allowed in the rental properties of the bungalow park, hotel and campsite.


If you receive visitors, please report them to reception and pay the visitor’s rate. Please note that you are responsible for the behavior of your visitors. Visitors must have left the grounds by 10:00 p.m. at the latest. Visitors’ cars are to be parked in the parking lot or outside the grounds.


Despite all the organization and care, it is possible that you have a complaint. You should immediately report your comment or complaint to the reception in order for it to be resolved. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you have until 14 days after departure from the vacation park to submit your complaint in writing to MARVELD RECREATIE BV where it will be thoroughly investigated.


MARVELD RECREATIE BV shall not be liable for:

General caveat

Prices are inclusive of VAT, exclusive of tourist tax and environmental levies. In the event of changes to these, we reserve the right to adjust the prices accordingly. All prices in this brochure are subject to change. We are not bound by any errors or mistakes in this brochure. Furthermore, the Conditions of Land Recreation of the Recron apply.


Reservations for a property can be made directly via the Internet or by telephone at MARVELD RECREATIE BV. We are available in the morning from 8.30 am until 5.30 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. You will receive your reservation certificate/invoice no later than 1 week after requesting the reservation. This proof of reservation is your proof of booking.


If you have preferences regarding location, several bungalows next to each other or a certain number, you can make a preferential booking for a fee.

Payment bungalow/camping/aparthotel

When booking, 50% of the rent must be paid within 14 days after reservation. The remaining amount must be in our possession at least one month before the start of the stay.


By participating in a cancellation insurance you can safeguard yourself against the costs of a possible cancellation. If you have not taken out insurance and you cancel the rented object, the cancellation rules according to Article 6 of the Recron Conditions for Land Recreation will be applied, which are listed on www.marveld.nl or are available at the reception desk. Cancellation insurance can be taken out up to a maximum of two weeks after reservation.

Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival the rented object can be occupied from 15.00 hours. On arrival you will receive the key and other important information at the reception. On the day of departure the rented property must be vacated by 10.30 am at the latest.

Final cleaning of bungalow

Mandatory linen and cleaning
Your bungalow will be cleaned by us upon departure. All you have to do is leave your bungalow broom clean, do the dishes and clean the refrigerator. Fold up the quilts and put the sheets in a pillowcase. Please dispose of the garbage bag in the container. Put the bed linen in a pillowcase in the hall.

Occupancy of apartment/bungalow
Use and occupancy maximum by the number of persons for which the accommodation is equipped. A full inventory is available in the accommodations.

Bed linen package/children’s furniture bungalow
Bed linen packages are ready upon arrival in your bungalow, cottage or caravan. If you want to change your bed during your stay, bed linen packages are available for rent at the reception. This package consists of a fitted sheet, an under sheet and a pillowcase (single). An extra set of children’s furniture (camping bed + high chair) can be booked at an additional charge up to 1 day before arrival. You need to bring the comforter and bed linen for the camp bed yourself.

Car bungalow site

At each bungalow, cottage or mobile home a maximum of 1 passenger car may be parked. At the vacation homes 2 cars are allowed and at the pond villas 3 parking spaces. The remaining cars must be placed in the parking lot.


Caged pets may be brought free of charge. Up to 1 other pet is allowed per rented property for a fee. The dog must be kept on a leash on the premises and walked outside the park. In the hotel and type Hooiberg/LVV8/HB50 pets are not allowed. In our main buildings, pets are not allowed with the exception of the Bar Bowling and the courtyard.

Annual pitches camping


Annual pitches: