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Subtropical swimming pool and competition pool

Swimming laps or down the slide. Swimming with a tropical touch.

A visit to our subtropical swimming pool is of course not to be missed. But the swimming pool is also very suitable for swimming lessons and children’s parties. In our subtropical swimming pool you will find various slides including the Crazy Cone. The Crazy Cone is a slide of around 75 with magic-light effects during the descent. This super sensation is done in a 1-person band.

In addition, in our subtropical swimming pool you can enjoy sporting laps in the competition pool, relax in the hot whirlpool or enjoy the saunas. For our children there is a toddler’s and children’s pool in our subtropical swimming pool, so that even the little ones can enjoy themselves at our holiday park. The entrance to our swimming pool is € 5,00 per person for day guests. If you book a bungalow at Marveld, the entrance is free once per person per day. Admission is not included when renting a camping pitch.

Swimming lessons at Marveld Recreation

Marveld Recreation will start per 1 January 2018 with the new ENVOZ system for all swimming lessons. Here the emphasis is placed on the elementary swimming strokes and a survival part. This is to promote swimming safety.

The exercises are methodically structured and based on the development level and experience of the child.

The swimming lessons at Marveld Recreation start with children as young as 5 years old. The first lessons are always given in shallow water, to make the children water-free so they can move on more quickly to the deep pool.

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Opening hours subtropical and competition pool

Subtropical swimming poolMo – Su10:00-22:00 u
Competition poolMo10:00-15:00 u18:30-20:00 u
Tu and Th10:00-15:00 u18:30-20:30 u
We10:00-13:00 u14:00-20:30 u
Fr10:00-13:00 u15:00-21:00 u
Fridaynightdisco*19:00-21:00 u
Sa and Su10:00-16:00 u

Please note! On Saturday and Sunday the competition pool may have different opening hours due to swimming lessons or competitions. Check the Marveld app for current opening hours.

* Fridaynightdisco is cancelled due to the coronavirus until further notice.

Children’s party in the pool

A fully catered birthday party including access to the pool? Our vacation park in the Achterhoek offers this possibility. First enjoy the swimming pool and then satisfy hunger and thirst with French fries, soda and ice cream. This will be a birthday party never to forget! Packages on request from 6 persons.

* Children’s parties are unfortunately not possible because of the limited number of admissible guests (Covid19)

View the children’s party packages


Aquajogging aims to improve overall physical fitness and, of course, provide fun and healthy strenuous relaxation before, during and after class. The varied exercise material will be chosen to the rhythm of stimulating music. Walking, deep water, wetbelt and stimulating music are the ingredients for an aqua jogging class. Simultaneously with moving through the water you will perform exercises for arms and torso. Overcome the resistance of the water!
Cost: € 6.90 incl. wetbelt, € 5.10 if you have your own wetbelt.

Monday20:00-20:45 u
Wednesday08:30-09:15 u
Thursday08:45-09:30 u

Fridaynight Disco

Every Friday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm there is a Fridaynight Disco in the subtropical swimming pool and the competition pool. Suitable for all ages and of course also nice for giving a birthday party!
Everyone can swing in the pool while enjoying disco lights and the music of a DJ.

* De Fridaynight Disco gaat tot nader bericht niet door i.v.m. het coronavirus.

Fun and healthy exercise for over-50s

Relaxed exercise in water at 32°C with, besides the fun, the mobilization and relaxation of the body and mind. The muscles are made nice and supple and after the lesson you feel fit again. The expert guidance ensures varied lesson content that is easy to follow for everyone, even if you do not have sufficient swimming skills. During a lesson ‘More exercise for 55+’ you are having fun together.

Monday08.15-10.15 ugroup Beltrum/Eibergen
10.30-11.15 ugroup Eibergen/Rekken
Tuesday09.15-10.00 ugroup Groenlo
Wednesday09.15-10.00 ugroup Eibergen
Thursday08.00-09.00 ugroup Ruurlo
Friday09.15-10.00 ugroup Groenlo
10.30-11.15 ugroup Groenlo