Enjoy the fall at Marveld

Enjoy the fall at Marveld and experience the Achterhoekse cosiness at out beautiful park in Groenlo.

Book a house or a camping place! Below you’ll find some nice tips for the fall.

Pitch & Putt

pitch-puttAt the Blanckenborg sports complex of Marveld you can play a challenging game of Pitch & Putt golf. Of course you can also just sit on the lovely terrace and enjoy the panoramic view.

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Foot golf is a nice combination of golf and soccer. You just play it on the golf course, only with other holes. Very nice to do on a family day!

Rent a scooter

Get to know the Groenlo and Achterhoek surroundings from a scooter. Take a ride on an electric scooter from Marveld Recreatie!

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Eating wild game in the Achterhoek

From mid-October until the end of December we serve tasty wild game dishes in our restaurant. These culinary delights, combined with personal attention and hospitality, ensure that our guests experience a pampered and homely touch. The wild game is hunted mainly in the Achterhoek and delivered by regional hunters.

Wild game menu (mid-October to the end of December)

Marveld Recreatie
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