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Wild River, waterslides and spray park

Do you dare to go down our Wild River?

Marveld has a new water spectacle! The Wild River, speed slides with a space bowl and a spray park have been added to the existing indoor and outdoor pool.

Already started making vacation plans? Since May 2021 there is a new water spectacle at Marveld: a Wild River course, Space Bowl- and speed slides and a spray park!

Wild River, speed slides and Space Bowl

Enjoying the Wild River all year long? You can! This special white-water course of almost 100 meters length is open every day, even when the weather is not so good. You can even do a multi-slide with 2 people in the racer slide, part of the Wild River. Who will be first down?

Besides the Wild River (and the Crazy Cone in the indoor pool) you can choose from three water slides. If you’re going for speed, choose the speed slides Anaconda or Cobra. The Mamba Bowl is a funnel slide and features a large open Space Bowl. How many laps do you spin in the fun-nel?