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Pitch & Putt Golf

At the Blanckenborg you can also sit on the terrace and enjoy the panoramic view, while enjoying a snack or drink.

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Pitch & Putt Golf

Exciting and challenging

At De Blanckenborg sports complex, just beside our park, you can enjoy a game of Pitch & Putt with friends, family or colleagues.

Pitch & Putt Golf is a modern sport that is played all over the world. That is not surprising, because it is exciting and challenging at every level. And everyone can do it!

Footgolf Marveld


Great for groups and team outings!

  • A challenging combination of golf and football
  • Fun to do as a team outing, company outing, family day or bachelor party
  • Specially intended for groups
  • Not difficult and suitable for everyone
  • Easy to combine with a cozy barbecue or lunch
Tennis Marveld Recreatie


Game, set & match!

Right next to the Pitch & Putt golf course are a number of beautiful tennis courts. These outdoor courts can be reserved by registering at the clubhouse of De Blanckenborg.

Reservations can also be made by telephone (from 10 a.m.) on 0031 544-464142.

Reserve your tennis court via our sports planner